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Personality Disorder Specialist

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Mark DeLuca, MD

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If you struggle with a personality disorder that disrupts your job, school, or interpersonal relationships, you can trust board-certified psychiatrist Mark DeLuca, MD, in Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach, and Juno Beach, Florida. He offers a variety of treatments for personality disorders that can maximize the quality of life. Call the nearest office to schedule an appointment or book online today.

Personality Disorder Q & A

What are personality disorders?

Personality disorders are mental health conditions in which you experience unhealthy patterns of thinking, behavior, or functioning. These disorders can negatively affect the ability to thrive in your environment, including at school, during work, and in interpersonal relationships. Dr. DeLuca offers treatments to help you change negative actions, thoughts, and behavior patterns.

What are the different types of personality disorders?

Common types of personality disorders include: 

Cluster A personality disorders

Cluster A personality disorders cause eccentric or odd behaviors. They include schizotypal personality disorder and paranoid personality disorder. Paranoia and distrust are common symptoms of cluster A personality disorders. 

Cluster B personality disorders

If you have a cluster B personality disorder, you could engage in dramatic, unpredictable, or overly emotional behaviors and thinking patterns. Examples of cluster B personality disorders include borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder. Symptoms include arrogance and disregarding the feelings and needs of others.

Cluster C personality disorders

Cluster C personality disorders can cause anxiety, fearfulness, avoiding certain situations, obsessions, or compulsions. Examples of cluster C personality disorders include avoidant personality disorder, dependent personality disorder (dependence on other people), and obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

What are the risk factors for personality disorders?

Personality disorders can happen to anyone, but some factors increase your risk of developing one. Examples include:

  • Family history of personality disorders
  • Dysfunctional childhood
  • Certain personality traits
  • Abuse during childhood
  • Brain chemistry issues
  • Substance misuse

You don’t have to endure destructive behavior, cognition, or inner experience patterns. Dr. DeLuca can help you overcome negative personality disorder tendencies.

How does my psychiatrist diagnose a personality disorder?

To find out if you have a personality disorder or other mental health challenges, Dr. DeLuca discusses your symptoms, medical history, past trauma (if applicable), and lifestyle. He completes a comprehensive psychiatric assessment to pinpoint the type of personality disorder you may have before personalizing a treatment plan. 

What are common treatments for personality disorders?

Treatments Dr. DeLuca could recommend for personality disorders include:


Dr. DeLuca offers highly effective psychotherapy to help you better cope with a personality disorder and change negative thoughts, lifestyles, and behavior patterns.


Some medicines reduce unpleasant symptoms of personality disorders and help you better thrive in relationships, at work, or in school.

Residential treatment programs

If you have a severe type of personality disorder, Dr. DeLuca could recommend a residential treatment program to give you the most effective, long-lasting outcome.

To learn more about personality disorders or get treatment, call Mark DeLuca, MD, or schedule an appointment online today.

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