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Dr. De Luca and associates have adopted the concierge model as an enhanced form of patient-focused treatment.  All associate providers are out-of-network for all insurance carriers.  We operate a fee-for-service psychiatric practice for people who value the highest quality of medicine.

The concierge model unleashes our practice from insurance company reimbursements. In an effort to make our practice even more accessible to a wider range of patients, unlike some Medical Concierge models, we do not require an annual membership fee.


Reliance on Insurance versus a Patient-Focused Care Model

When practitioners rely on insurance reimbursement, there can be obstructions to accurately diagnosing certain conditions, along with constraints on prescribing the most effective treatment plans.  Rather than putting the quality of care to the reimbursement process, we focus on matching the duration and frequency of appointments to patient needs.

Moving Away from a Reliance on Insurers for Determining Psychiatric Treatment.  There are several important benefits to receiving treatment at a concierge-style practice that patients should be aware of. By eliminating membership fees, patients only pay for the treatment they receive. Our practice model also allows us to schedule appointments for as long as they need to be, and for our patients to schedule appointments as often as they are required. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of being a concierge practice is that we have the freedom to provide accurate diagnoses and comprehensive treatment plans that are entirely patient-focused.

It is important to note that medications and treatments prescribed by us can still be covered by insurance, but that our practice has been set up for us to deal with patient payments directly on a check or cash basis.  For patients who are eligible to receive out-of-network reimbursement, we can provide the necessary forms for them to submit to your insurance company with all the necessary information. Insurances that include out-of-network benefits often reimburse 20-90% of fees.



Dr. Mark DeLuca, MD

  • 90-minute, initial evaluation: $750
  • 60-minute, medication management and supportive therapy: $500
  • 30-minute,  medication management and supportive therapy: $250

Forensic / Court and evaluations are offered at a fixed rate of $800/ hr for all services.

A refundable retainer of 10 hours is initially taken.


Dane Santoro, PA-C (Physician Assistant)

  • 60-minute medication management and supportive therapy: $375
  • 30-minute medication management and supportive therapy: $187.50


Other Services:

  • Clozapine (Brand Names): Clozaril Monitoring
    • Athelas monitoring - $25 (in-office blood monitoring for Clozaril)
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) - $100
  • Home Sleep Study - $600
  • In-House Injections: - $30
  • Ketamine Injections: - $50
  • Phlebotomy - House Call - $150
  • Phlebotomy - In Office - $100
  • Soberlink - $400/ month
    • A professional-grade breathalyzer system with facial recognition that automatically sends results in real-time to designated individuals
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation - $300/session
  • Vivitrol Injections - $750
    • FDA-approved prescription injectable medicine for opioid dependence and alcohol dependence


Most of our services are considered out of network. You may be able to get reimbursed your insurance company for a percentage what you pay us depending on your policy. The money you spend in therapy out network may also count towards your insurance deductible.



Welcome to Palm Beach Psychiatry Experts, where we provide comprehensive individualized services to our patients. Although our goal is to provide concierge like services, we do not charge like a concierge practice.  The patient experience is extremely important to our group our goal is to provide objective compassionate treatment with care and discretion.

You know more about yourself than any doctor ever could.  Please speak openly without fear being judged. We will partner with you to a solution to your struggles. In a doctor-patient relationship, *Florida Law protects communications * only you can waive confidentiality. The only exception is a threat physical danger to yourself or others. The more honest you are, the more we can help.

Appointments will not be scheduled until the entire consent form been filled out in full along with a credit card authorization form on file to secure the appointment time.


Please note, *MISSED APPOINTMENTS ARE CHARGED THE FULL SESSION FEE UNLESS THEY ARE CANCELLED 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE*. When we schedule an appointment, the time is reserved for that patient it is no longer available to others: therefore, eliminating double booking. If we would not bill for that time we would not be able to provide our high-level service.  If you cannot make it to the office for your scheduled appointment, it is possible to have a phone or webcam session.


The fee for the visit will be charged as soon as the day of the appointment to the card provided.

The card provided will be used for the appointments/ sessions scheduled in the office, over the phone, or via webcam. I understand that this credit card may be charged on the day of the appointment unless I provide another form of payment prior to the appointment. It is my responsibility to inform the office of any payment changes I need to make *prior* to the visit.

*The cardholder must understand and agrees with our offices guidelines and policies listed in addition to authorizing this company to bill for time scheduled (fee for services) to include "no shows" of scheduled appointments*. To provide services the cardholder of the credit card must agree not to dispute any credit card/ debit card charges for services provided. We will make every effort possible to provide you will the best treatment possible.

*Your session time will be predetermined*. If important issues come up at the end of the session, they may have to be discussed further at the next meeting. Initial appointment times are a minimum of 1.5 (one and a half) hours, the doctor shall be compensated for their time at their list per hour for all services.

*Time spent on the phone, emailing, or writing letters is billed at the same hourly rate. *Communication with family, friends or other professionals is billed to the patient. We may be able to provide house calls to those who are housebound or require in-home therapies.* When we travel to see a patient, our time is billed at the same hourly rate.*

Palm Beach Psychiatric Experts provide psychiatric medication evaluation, medication management, talk therapy, and coaching.

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