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Dr. Mark DeLuca, MD, is a general and forensic psychiatrist with a private practice in Palm Beach County, Florida.  He offers a patient-focused psychiatric approach that combines medication and therapy to help patients identify the core issues contributing to their mental health conditions.  It is important to recognize that everyone is different and he makes efforts to have client-focused medication that is tailored to every patient's unique needs.

After completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. DeLuca was accepted into and earned his degree of medicine and surgery from the prestigious Semmelweis University of medicine located in Budapest, Hungary and founded in 1769. Its 250 years of tradition and unique focus on health care make it one of the world’s leading Medical universities and health sciences.  

He started out his his training in general surgery while at Semmelweis University of Medicine and soon after transferred to the State University of New York at Buffalo.  While in his surgical residency at SUNY Buffalo he was teaching as a Clinical Assistant Professor and he was honored by receiving the Arnold P. Gold Foundation award from ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) for "Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Awards."

Dr. DeLuca eventually decided to change medical specialties and in 2003 started his Psychiatry Residency at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center.  While in his residency he was in a senior administrative resident role.  Following residency he decided to continue on and entered a sub-specialty of medicine, Forensic Psychiatry where he completed his Fellowship at State University of New York Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. Within the Fellowship he received specialized legal training at Syracuse University Law School.


In early 2007, Dr. DeLuca went on to join the small group of Advanced Mental Health Care Inc. in Palm Beach County, Florida.  Eventually he assisted in opening three state-of-the-art offices offering psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, forensic psychiatry and sleep medicine which served several thousand patients.  Late 2007 they were the first outpatient clinics to begin using the Neurostar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive procedure that uses magnetic fields to stimulate nerve cells in the brain which is used to treat a variety of conditions. They expanded their efforts and began implementing the use of the Brainsway Deep TMS and started three clinical research sites studying the efficacy of Deep TMS for a variety of psychiatric and neurological conditions.  Due to Advanced Mental Health Care's pioneering efforts, extensive clinical research and publishing TMS soon began receiving FDA approval.   In 2009 the physicians also began clinical work using Ketamine for severe anxiety and depression.  The promising results lead to having published clinical case’s that eventually lead to the implementation and approval of Ketamine use for severe depression.

Dr. DeLuca has extensive experience treating patients with substance use and will regularly utilize blocking agents like Disulfiram, Naltrexone and Suboxone with very successful results.  He is an expert in treating all substance abuse issues and provides a tailored out-patients setting with a significant success rate at maintaining sobriety through this treatment approach.

Subsequently Dr. DeLuca decided to scale down his practice to have a more personal touch offering a more comprehensive approach encouraging patients to achieve improvement, supporting healthy behavioral changes, including enhancing your diet, exercise, and sleeping habits to optimize brain health.  He also prescribes medication to help patients improve or heal brain functioning, however he doesn’t believe most patients must rely on medication as a long-term solution.

In his forensic practice, which is both extensive and varied, he has served as psychiatric consultant, examiner, and expert witness in many types of civil and criminal cases, in the courts of several states, as well as in federal courts and even in several different countries. He has worked on matters of all kinds where state of mind is at issue. His recent cases have involved issues of: fitness for duty; malpractice; capacity to contract; testamentary capacity and undue influence; security clearance; PTSD; trauma and stress; stalking; dangerousness assessments in the workplace; criminal responsibility; competence for trial; insanity evaluations.

Dr. DeLuca is licensed in Florida, New York. Virginia and European Community





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Dane Santoro PA-C is a board-certified medical practitioner and Physician Assistant who specializes in the field of Psychiatry.  He has worked in the medical field in many different capacities since 2004.  He has a wealth of knowledge in many medical specialties and he chose to focus his efforts on the field of Psychiatry as he believed he could help his community most in this function.  Dane completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychiatry from Florida Atlantic University in 2011.  He then attended Keiser University to achieve his Masters of Medical Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies. 

Dane specializes in the treatment of many Psychiatric Disorders including;  Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, Schizophrenia as well as substance use disorders.  With his many years of experience, Dane is comfortable with many different treatment modalities, and medications are only used when necessary.  Dane’s analysis and treatment of Psychiatric Disorder​s​ ​depend on the individual stressors, past experiences, social pressures, physical health and the individual concerns and goals of his patients.  Understanding that every patient’s treatment must be individualized assures that every patient is heard and their wishes are considered.  Because mental wellness is not constrained by work hours, Dane makes himself available to all of his patients whenever the necessity may arise.  He feels that this openness breeds an environment of trust and respect conducive to convalescence. 

Of paramount importance is patient wellbeing.  Treatment begins and ends with this in mind.  Every medication, therapy session, after-hour text or call and the expectations Dane has for his patients is all done out of the desire to help.  Ultimately, this is why Dane became a medical practitioner and why he has such a vested interest in his patients. 

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