Dr. Mark DeLuca

Adult & Adolescent Psychiatrist & Forensic Psychiatrist located in Royal Palm Beach, FL & Palm Beach, FL

About Dr. DeLuca

The offices are located in Palm Beach, Royal Palm Beach and Juno Beach, Florida.

Psychiatrist Mark DeLuca, MD, offers superior mental health services for men, women, and children ages 12 and older in a welcoming, comfortable environment.

Dr. DeLuca takes his time and provides an individualized treatment approach that combines medication, insight oriented therapy and of course behavioral modification to help patients identify the core issues that are contributing to their conditions and provide a premium service for busy adults and children who are looking to maximize results with trusted physicians.

There are three state-of-the-art offices that have a private living-room like atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and supported. This is not a revolving-door clinic, the waiting room is small and patients are seen on time, there are no overbooking or long waiting times. Dr. De Luca likes to try and build a good rapport and get to know each of his patients.  Initial appointments typically last about one and a half hours, and follow-up appointments are no less than thirty minutes.

Dr. DeLuca is a forensic trained psychiatrist in addition to a general psychiatrist. This has provided him specialized training in diagnosing and treating mental health conditions and offers a wide array of premium mental health services, including psychopharmacology, psychiatric evaluations, psychotherapy, second opinions, medication management, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), genetics medicine, and more. Dr. De Luca is an expert in treating substance abuse issues with tailored out-patients settings. He has a significant success rate at maintaining sobriety through this treatment approach.

For emergencies with established patients, Dr. De Luca is available seven days a week, and after hours calls are transferred to his cell phones. Emergency appointments can be arranged within 24 hours, prescriptions are called in promptly and the office is accustomed to caring for patients who require a greater level of care.

Dr. DeLuca commits himself to helping patients regain stability, independence and peace in their lives, regardless of the mental health challenges they face. He welcomes all patients to his practice and looks forward to helping with their mental health care needs.

After the Consents For Treatment are completed we can schedule you for an appointment time and at the desired location of your convenience. He offers flexible scheduling options, including video appointments.